Be aware of the side effects of Dianabol

The fitness enthusiasts have changed the whole idea of weight gain. The market is flooded with many supplements and steroids for weight gain. The use of Methandienone also known as Dianabol is a great supplement which is used by a bodybuilder and sports person for making an impressive body. The use of Methandienone has given dramatic effects and thus the steroid has become so powerful and popular for the gym goers. But it comes at a cost, there are many side effects associated with the product.  This is an important thing to remember while using this supplement.

The consumption of the drug leads to many known side effects. Using of Dianabol leads to water retention in the body. The situation of gynecomastia is also common. This leads to high blood pressure which is not a good sign. There is also a case of side effects like balding and acne with the use of the same. Sometimes the use of Dianabol leads to higher level of cholesterol. This situation can be managed or controlled with the testosterone suppression after your cycle.

The most hated and scared side effect of using the drug is hair loss in men. The long-term use of the drug leads to premature baldness. It is often argued that the premature baldness is not due o Methandienone but because of the metabolic product in it. The sad reality is that whatever the reason is the outcome is really bad. When the steroid is consumed is converted into dihydrotestosterone which leads to the hair fall. This combines with a genetic predisposition that makes the hair follicles shrink and ultimately fall off the roots. This is not a common side effect of other steroids.

The use of steroids can have different side effects for different users. This one mainly affects the liver and leads to water retention in the body. Not a lot of people but some have complained about the decreased level of testosterone. The testosterone suppression after your cycle may lead to other severe issues that are linked to shrinkage of the testicles as well.

Thus the drug should be taken in calculated amount. The whole body reacts to the steroid in different ways. The effects of the same on mass and muscle building are great. This can be achieved with exercise and good food.  The side effects can also be decreased to a minimum if the users take good care at the time of consumption.

It is best to talk to a consultant who is an expert in this field. Decide your own dose and when you are just starting off it is best to start low. The cycle should be long enough to observe the benefits and the check the body’s response and should be divided into small amounts of dosage. The close observation after the consumption of the steroid will ensure that if the body is not taking the steroids positively then you must decrease the dose. It is best that these steroids are taken with the meals and post-exercise session.