What you need to know about Brain tumours

Brain tumour is a life threating health hazard. It comes in different shapes and forms and their symptoms are different too. Brain is the central asset of our body as it controls everything. Depending on the location of the tumour, the symptoms will be different. For instance, if you have a tumour in a part of your brain that control your arm or eyesight then the symptoms can be blurry eye sight or limb weakness. But there are somecommon brain tumour symptoms.

In our body when the damaged or old cells that will eventually die, new cells grow in their place. Sometimes this process goes wrong and new cell grows when body does not need them. The building up of extra new cells when there is no need forms a mass tissue which forms a tissue or tumour. When detected it can be benign or malignant that will depend on how early it gets diagnosed. Here are some common symptoms as follows:

  • Seizures are the most common symptom in any kind of brain tumour. It may be whole body convulsion or jerking of one part of your limb or face.
  • If you feel clumsiness in your hand, feet or any body part while struggling with your balance, missing steps while climbing stairs or fumbling while talking, swallowing that can be a symptom of your brain tumour.
  • Feeling of numbness in any part of the day can be a symptom of brain tumour.
  • When you feel you are having problem memorising things, thinking properly or getting confused it can be a symptom of brain tumour.
  • If you are having persistent and unexplained nauseatic feeling constantly, you should get a check-up from your doctor.
  • If you are having a change in vision like having blurred vision or double vision, it can be due to brain tumour
  • It is not necessary to have a headache to diagnose brain tumour. Not all cases it occurs.

There are other important facts you need to know about brain tumour:

  • It is still unknown what the causes of brain tumour are. Some says it can occur if you get old or had radiation therapy before or had genetic disorders. But these are not proven facts.
  • The chances of primary brain cancer are rare.
  • There may be speculations but Cell phones are not proven cause for brain cancer.
  • The survival rates vary in case of brain tumour.
  • The good news is the arrival of GBM AGILE (Adaptive Global Innovative Learning Environment) by NFCR the future looks promising for the cure of brain tumour.

There are many treatment of brain tumour in India available. Those are as follows:

  • For most brain tumour surgery is the most common treatment.
  • The next is Radiation Therapy. It kills tumour cells and eliminates the danger.
  • There are drugs which kills the cells of brain tumour.

Don’t get worried. Be more cautious and if help is needed consult your doctor as soon as possible.