Better Concentration and less stress with Nootropics

There are different types of ailments that people face and they try to find a proper solution for these ailments. ADHD is one such ailment that is also called Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and it is a psychiatric disorder where one is hyper active and has got a lot of inattention and impulsiveness. The solution is in Adderall that works to stimulate the central nervous system to change the chemistry of the brain. There are over-the-counter nootropics that are found that work as alternative to Adderall and does similar type of work. These are not prescribed but you can get them over the counter in any medical stores. While Adderall can be bought with proper prescription only, these nootropics can be bought without any such prescription of any doctor.

Nootropics for better concentration

The medication named Adderall is frequently used and trusted for ADHD patients but often they have side effects that are not welcome by the patients. This is the reason why some try to find an alternative for Adderall. These compounds that are used instead of Adderall are called nootropics and here are some that can be used for stimulating concentration of ADHD patients.


This is one such nootropic that is used by many for improved concentration and better learning capacity. This will work better when taken for a long term. When used for a long time period, this compound works its best. The user also does not get any withdrawal issues when using AdderRx. When one follows right dose, one gets minimum side effects. The people with ADHD need proper sleep so that they can save their energy for all the constructive work of the day. This compound helps in providing this kind of rest and energy level for its users.


This is another such compound that is good at stimulating the brain for better effects. This potion works wonders by improving your mood and you can deal with the stress of studies or of any other day to day work. This helps you in keeping your mental strength so that you do not break down or feel defeated. This also gives clarity to your working capacity and helps you to focus more on your work. When one gets more ups and downs in their moods, this Aniracetam is the best to give support and regulate the mood at a stable place.


This one is almost similar to Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid or GABA – which is a neurotransmitter found in the brain. There are natural GABA receptors that the body produces and used without any issues. These nootropics Piracetam helps in improving any tension in social behavior and works on improving neuroplasticity. The compound has properties to modulate glutamatergic acid and neurotransmitters cholinergic acid. This also has anticonvulsant workability and is neuro-protective. The side-effects from this nootropic are very low and are most useful over-the-counter nootropics.

Working and studying better

You can find out which one suit you best and then cut the chemicals to replace them with better nutrition of these nootropics. You can stimulate your brain and get more energy and better concentration with the help of the above nootropics. Once your body gets the required nutrition, you will improve your studying capacity and concentration. You will have to follow the required dose and consult the medical practitioner before starting off with these compounds.