Gambling and Investment are not the same

Investment is a shortcut to make huge lumps of money. It is in your luck also if you gain it or not. The stock market is such a thing. There are many definitions to the stock market. Some definitions are given by big-big investors while some are given but non-investors, which generally are just misconception. One such misconception in the mind of many non-investors is that investment is also a type of gambling. What they say is also to some extent right but ain’t right completely. You ask why? The reasons are given below.

Get all or leave all

Both the two sectors- gambling and investments require luck. Someday you win and someday you lose. However, there are certain differences that make both of them apart from each other. Either in case of gambling when you make the bets you win or you lose. There is no staying in between. Once you made the bets you, it all your luck that can save you. Nevertheless, when you placed the bets you can call it back. You have to keep stepping in until there is a result that is declared

However, in the case of investment also, there are two roads. You will and you lose but there is an addition to it that you can pull your feet from there whenever you want. Which means, that once you invested in a stock and you see that the bar is going down or you are losing you can pull out by selling your stocks? You will lose some of your money but not all.

In investment, you can reuse the money you pulled out from the previous stock, but in the case of gambling, you cannot do that. You have to make a new bet by pulling out money from your pocket. However, if your investment is of long-term you are sure to get profit from it. That is the advantage of investment that gambling couldn’t provide.

Experience and knowledge

Both gambling and investments require knowledge and skill. In the case of gambling, a gambler has to understand the game very well which comes with practice and persistence. A gambler has to look and remember the last twenty steps in order to decide his next steps. Remembering such reverse steps is an easy fest. It requires knowledge experience and even after that it is possible that to call for the exact next step. However, the whole lot of the game relies on luck.

In case of gambling, the things are quite same too you have to have a lot of research as to when the stocks go up and when the stock goes down but after investing your time you can understand and analyze the whole market and get your stakes.


Gambling is also a skill-based game but luck matter the most here but in investment it is skill-based and luck relies very less on in here. If you got the skill, you will know which company to invest and which not. You can click this link to know more.