Graphene For Sale and its Contribution to Other Disciplines

The market with graphene for sale is highly saturated with products employing this miraculous material for various means. Another article has already previewed the use of graphene in electronics and now it is time to introduce graphene’s utilization in medicine, medical research and something completely different – military.

Its Usage in Medicine

As medicine is a much-neededbranch of science, it is more than good for the future of humanity, that the research of medical scientists can make use of the most recent scientific trends such as graphene. The material’s versatile abilities call for creative implementation of graphene sheets, graphene oxide and graphene flakes in biomedicine.

Because of graphene’s two-dimensional constitution, it is easy to modify its thickness by simply layering more and more sheets of the material. The thickness can span anywhere from nanometresto millimetres. The material can either hydrophobic or hydrophilic. All of this contributes to the material’s capability to be used for drug delivery.

Not only has graphene the aforementioned hydrophobic or hydrophilic properties, but it also acts as a highly effective filter. This can lead to usage for medical face masks or clothing.

Naturally this is not everything graphene can offer to medicine and here you can find some other examples.

Graphene in Biomedicine and Medical Devices

In biomedicine, graphene also plays a huge role in recent research projects. A good example of this is graphene’s usage in tissue engineering. More precisely, it has been employed as a reinforcing element to improve various mechanical properties of polymeric biodegradable materials. Graphene’s combination of low weight and considerable toughness plays a pivotal role in this application, where both, rigidity and weight, are extremely important.

As medical devices are basically specialized computers, it is more than certain that graphene can find its use here just as in any other electronics.

Graphene for Sale – Suitable Even for Military Usage

We might not like it, but it is a universal fact that without wars and military, the technology of today would not be as advanced as it is. Many technological achievements would not happen without the Cold War and WW2. And armies also fancy technological inventions even today. Luckily graphene’s usage in military is not as much about destruction as it is about protection.

The Future of Armour

Protection of soldiers (and important people) is something where tough materials such as graphene can truly shine. Most of present day body armour, while considerably effective, has some substantial drawbacks. The main one is its weight and, in some cases, bulkiness. A next generation of body armour benefiting from graphene could retain the high effectiveness of kevlar or even metal armour while getting rid of their disadvantages. More about graphene’s potential for body armour can be found in this article.

Speaking about armour, we also have to talk about military vehicles. Tanks and armoured transporters are known to be covered in layers and layers of metal for protection against potential enemy. A thick metal plating is immensely heavy, but there is a possibility of replacing this plating with graphene layers, which would mean the same as in the case of body armour. Weight reduction.

This would provide massive advantage to any user.

As you can see, almost any sector of industry can benefit from graphene. Only time will tell, how far into the future will this material take us.