How to choose the best Oil Pressure Gauge for your car

Some body parts, like our eye indicate our health status.  Similarly Oil Pressure Gauge indicates the health status of your car.

What does this device do?

It indicates oil pressure in your car engine through PSI readings.  When you notice oil leakages check up the oil Pressure Gauge and check pressure levels.  These levels will be indicator of major or minor damages in the vehicle.

How to choose the best Oil Pressure Gauge

  1. Selection  according to types

Oil Pressure Gauge is of two types Mechanical Gauge and Electrical Gauge

  • Mechanical gauges are traditional ones made of pipes which provide reliable oil pressure ratings. The only drawback is that it has to be maintained properly and checked regularly.
  • Electrical gauges are the gauges of today present in all the latest cars. The resistance of current passing through wires can be felt on your dashboard.  This type does not need regular maintenance.
  1. Cost and Cost effectiveness

There are many models available in the market with slight price changes. Choose the best quality that fits your budget.  In case the price slightly exceeds the budget, it is better to purchase at the rate because after all your pricey four wheelers’ engine is at stake.

Lately there are many online stores offering this device at discounted prices. You may able to find one at the cost and quality you are looking for easily there.

  1. Ease of Installation

Buy the Pressure gauge that can be installed in the allotted area in your car.  This can be decided by talking to professionals and consulting the Instruction manual that comes with the device.  Some facts that you can consider in this regard

  1. Back mountable models can be removed and reinstalled easily.
  2. Round dial gauges fit easily into any car model
  3. Better to go for easy installation models as you cannot expect professional help every time there is a minor problem
  1. Accurate readings

It is important that your Gauge shows accurate readings.  This could be the basis of assessing your car’s health – whether you can continue using it or give it for service.

A PSI range denoting 0 -100 with a 270 degree sweep could provide more reliable status of oil pressure in your car.

In old model gauges you need to take down readings and calculate the actual status. If you are in a hurry, just go for latest ones which show the readings as a number.

  1. Maintenance

Never compromise on Quality while buying your Oil Pressure Gauge as a low quality one will need more maintenance while a good quality one will show reliable readings in spite of low maintenance.

  1. Other Factors

You can also consider these small but significant features when you are choosing the Oil Pressure Gauge for your car.

  • Display: Black dial, red indicator needle and white color PSI ranges of some gauge models make for easy readings.  Some models have neon dials that glow at night.
  • Backlighting could help you note readings in the dark.
  • Sleek designs are available that show readings on your dashboard.
  • Some show automatic readings in numbers, like a digital watch which can be helpful if you are in a hurry.


Opt for an Oil pressure gauge on basis of the type, your budget, maintenance levels, dimensions, Readings accuracy, and other minor factors like design and display.  Car is a second home to most individuals.  So the safety aspect is very important.  Hence choose the safest option first while also considering other features that the models in the market have to offer.