The top 3 air purifiers for bad allergies

Are you looking for an efficient air purifier for removing bad allergens around you? If yes, then before buying you might have to go through a long list of features of available air purifiers in the market. We here have time saving options for you. We went through comparing features of all available air purifiers in the market especially on the basis of their allergen removing capability. At last we ended up with a list of three air purifiers that are proven to efficiently remove all kinds of allergens in the home environment. You can have a quick look in order to minimize your research before buying an air cleaner to specifically help with airbourne allergies.

An effective allergen remover air purifier must have following key parameters:

Firstly, an allergen remover air purifier must possess an HEPA filter as it is based on a technology that can efficiently remove all kinds of allergens even the ones those can be only identified under a microscope.

Secondly, they should be noise free to let users relax rest and carry on their routine without any disturbance.

Based to the above criteria here we have top 3 allergen remover air purifiers.

  1. IQAirHealthPro Plus: According to many sites – This is one of the best air purifier available. With Hyper HEPA filters that are 100% more effective than usual HEPA filters in removing all kinds of allergens. It provides coverage for lager areas up to 9000 Sqft and thus provides fresh and clean air at every single corner of the room. Other than removing regular dust and allergen particles it is capable enough to removing the ones with 0.003 micron size also. It consists of a V-5 cell cabinet along with activated carbon filters that removes all airborne chemicals, odor, allergens and smoke. In spite of offering ultra clean air it is also noise free at its all normal levels.
  2. Edgestar Air Purifier with 4-Stage Filtration: It’s an air purifier based on four stage filtration technique. It consists of 3M HEPA filter and provides coverage up to an area of 750 Sq ft. It features a sleek design that easily accommodates well with the ambiance of your space. It features a two in one HEPA activated carbon filter that efficiently absorbs and removes 99.99% of the available chemical components, all allergens, smoke, etc. It only requires replacement of a single air filter annually which makes it easy to use and saves money also. It has an indicator that makes you feel alert whenever there is more pollution or contamination in the air around you. Depending on the level of contamination you can increase and decrease the use of your air purifier.
  3. Blueair blue pure 211 purifier: This air purifier is based on silent HEPA filtration technique. It is highly efficient and thus offers and exceptionally increased overall flow of air. The overall efficiency thus results in faster filtering of air around it. According to research it has a proven clean air delivery rate (CADR) of 450. It can remove all contaminates elements even the ones with 0.1 micron size with an overall efficiency of 99.97% – which is among the elite of all purifiers around at the moment, which is why it is getting a lot of positive attention right now.

 Although, these three allergen remover air purifiers are best among hundreds of air purifiers in the market but when it comes to the best among these three, then IQAirHealthPro Plus is consider the best. It is because of its supporting features like Hyper HEPA filter, a large coverage of 900 Sq. ft, V-5 cell gas and ability to remove even 0.003 micron size allergens and impurities.