The days where the blank white tiles with boring bathroom accessories are gone now its time to cherish the modern bathroom era where the floor to ceiling is studded with new experiments and catches undivided attention. People earlier use to get as fast as they could from the bathroom but now the ruling modern technology has led people to spend a soothing time better to call a relaxed spa time but at home and to that is attained in your washroom. There are many sites bringing out the quality designer bathroom accessories among which one is harneymfg.


What hits the brain when you talk about makeover and the answer splashes is a change in the old. splendid bathroom accessories with newer technology, correct use of shades, providing eye-catching themes according to ones taste, choice of appropriate lights in the correct places. The bathroom is meant to be the least space occupying a place of a home hence carrying out a makeover is easy. All you need a smart strategy behind remodeling your bathroom. Overrated makeover doesn’t come to play if the plant of the makeover is made in a smart manner. A simple yet elegant bathroom is what needed and the above-mentioned site is great for such option.


  1. BATHROOM DÉCOR AND REMODELLING:- the color and texture used in the bathroom is essentially important topic to think Before going for a jump just get a bit time to google the site mentioned and others to have a close watch on the designs of the bathroom, the materials used, the smart move of using the space and yet make the bathroom look spacious. After you are done with the reviews of the websites inculcate your personal touch to it. It will definitely end up in being too classy. Starting from the wallpaper to the tiles of the floor should be linked well to give a stylish look to it.
  2. BATHROOM FITTINGS:- The bathroom fittings comes up in different shape, sizes and patterns. They have a number of options on the basis of the price As far as the hardware is concerned they come up with elegance be in a contemporary mode or a rough and tough urban look. It is also preferable to add up the hardware themes on the basis of the family requirements. if you opt for fitting with greater size and patterns the price too will show up the sky limits so it’s advised to have a check on the products along with the price tags for a smart buy.
  3. STORAGE:- Generally the bathroom has multiple users. So it should have portable selves, racks, basket, and hooks to hang clothes. Modern bathroom vanities are adorned with glass or stained Marble countertops and wood tops come up with greater elegance.
  4. LIGHTING:- Lighting is also an important part of a bathroom. A great taste of lighting adds up to the ambiance and visual feature of the bathroom. Different chromatic lights add up to the warmth of the bathroom.

To conclude, a bathroom makeover is an essential requirement of nowadays. There are lots of areas of the washroom which can be modified and can be turned out to a completely new space. The modern amenities starting from the flooring, lighting, storage, fitting comes up being exclusive and premium in look. It adds elegance to the bathroom giving a completely new look to know more about the modern toilet accessories give a click on the above-mentioned link and you can also look on the blog here areas and discover yourself the best before making a bathroom makeover.