10 Tips to maintain your motorbike in good condition for a long time

Maintenance is the key for the good condition as well as good health of your motorbike, especially if you are looking forward to have that working well for a long time. It usually happens that after purchasing a bike just within few months, it start looking like couple of years old. Maintenance with motorbikes are often overlooked but here are these 10 tips which can maintain your motorbike for a long time just as new

  1. Check Engine Oil periodically: You should check the engine oil periodically to make sure of the smooth operation and functionality of bike. You should look out for any leakage, carbon deposit or oil thickening which may slow down the efficiency of engine internally. Thickening of engine oil often leads to the dragging mechanism inside the engine. A dirty oil might not increase the fuel consumption but it will surely reduce the life and efficiency of your engine.
  2. Engine of your motorbike: Engine is like heart of the machine which should be tuned regularly for clockwork functionality. You should go for servicing often or set a schedule for it. Clean carburettor and valve clearances. Don’t forget to clean carburettor float chambers after every 1500 kms.
  3. Check tyres regularly: Your tyres should be regularly checked, especially the condition as well as the air pressure. Always look out for any cuts or scrapes for possible tyre blow out. Also go for tyre balance and alignment. It is also recommended that a ride should check the tyre treads every week or even twice a week.
  4. Clean and Maintain the surface: The appearance and surface of bike is what exactly give you an idea about the maintenance efforts. You should clean your bike regularly, use microfiber cloth and other significant washing accessories for your bike. Check out for any dents, marks or dirt and clean it. It is also recommended that one should go for bike insurance from some reputed company like The Bike insurer but do get full research and read reviews before that.
  5. Clean Air filters: You need to clear the air filters in regular intervals to make sure the passage is clean. It also depends upon the climate conditions as if it is dusty, you should increase the frequency of cleaning air filters.
  6. Maintenance of Battery: Battery of your bike also requires the periodic maintenance so it can have that long assured life without any trouble. You should look out for any sort of leakage in the battery. It should be kept fully charged in the case of no use of bike for a long term.
  7. Clutch Adjustment in your bike: Just like the other parts and areas of your bike which require a constant maintenance and watch, the clutch does the same attention. It should be adjusted properly for efficient and smooth use for changing gears during the ride. If it more tightened, it can increase your fuel consumption and can slip in-between. So, it is very important to keep a check on clutch and make sure it is adjusted the way it should be.