Alternative Garden Storage ideas

With garden space at a premium these days, finding suitable storage solutions is vital. Not everyone has room for a garden shed taking up a large portion of their garden, and not everyone likes the look of an old-fashioned garden shed! Here we take a look at some fresh alternative garden storage ideas.


Benches are a great way of storing everyday garden accessories that need to be protected from the elements. Look out for modern designs that do not look like the old traditional storage benches. Choose from rustic wooden designs, rattan and practical yet aesthetically pleasing plastic. It’s easy to make sure garden items are put away when it is so quick and easy, and there is a vast range to choose from.


Commonly used inside the house, garden shelving is becoming increasingly popular as it is so versatile: you can vary by style and size. Wooden shelving looks natural and traditional. But it doesn’t need to cost a fortune. If you are looking for cheap shelving units Ireland has a great range available, and these can give a really modern industrial look to a garden.


You don’t want to use all of your garage for your garden storage, but it is possible to add in some discreet storage along the sides and back of the garage with racks, shelves and hooks. Things age when left outside, so it’s a good idea to have some under covers. When it comes to cheap shelving units Ireland has a changeable climate after all, which will cause weathering.


The trend now is for the garden to become an extra living space, so if you have a small garden you don’t want to be taking up vital floor space with storage units. Free up garden floor space by using garden walls and fences for hanging items. With many companies offering affordable hanging racks and wall-mounted cheap shelving units Ireland has great choices available.

Under Decking

This one takes some planning, but if you are thinking about redesigning your garden it could really be worth it. When constructing a decking area it is possible to build a platform to incorporate storage underneath. For folding garden furniture and for large bulky items, this is a great solution as there is no wasted space at all.