Reasons You Should Buy a Used Car

Whether you’re exclusively looking for used car listings or going by the latest advertisement that suggests you purchase a brand-new model, each medium will offer a string of benefits and drawbacks. So, to help with your decision making, we have compiled a list of reasons you should buy a used car. For more information, you can visit used cars in Montclair.


It’s a known fact that cars depreciate, there may be a few expectations that are outstanding, but buying a brand-new car thinking it’s an investment may not be a great idea. Cars do last for long, but these vehicles begin to depreciate and lose their value early in their lifespan. Shoppers usually expect a new car to lose up to 50% of its value within the first three years. All the perks that come with new vehicles (warranties, free maintenance, low financing) the law of depreciation is still inevitable and are one of the main reasons you should opt for a used car instead.

More Car for Your Money:

This is where purchasing a used car can be more fun than creating a budget for a new one. Due to depreciation, your hard-earned money can take you further in the used car market, compared to purchasing a new car. If you go for a new car, your budget will allow you to afford a base trim or entry-level car, but if you go for a used, the same budget can get you a fancy car that is better equipped.

Certified Pre-Owned Options:

For some shoppers having a warranty that protects them against any tragedies that will harm their vehicle and this is why they find it worth to pay for a new car. However, almost all the vehicles offer some version of a Certified Pre-Owned program, hence, making the whole process of purchasing a used car pretty smooth. CPO programs are different, and they depend on the manufacturer, and there is a significant difference between manufacturer certified and dealership certified; the former will always offer a robust package. All the vehicles that are manufacturer approved have some level of warranty and often, additional perks like free roadside assistance or a free loaner car whenever you need to head to the shop.


Yearly, around 300 models are offered for sale in the new car market. However, if you’re looking for much variety then consider the used car market. The used car market witnesses the entry of more than 300 models from various brands and you can choose whichever one you want.


You can have tons of data on what car is up to your mark, and the simple method of calculating the value of a vehicle by knowing its history and time, this way, you will know the used pricing data. There are online tools that allow you to compare listings that are similar and help shoppers estimate how much a car that has been used will cost you. By analyzing the specific criteria, you can ensure that you don’t get scammed and end up overpaying, for more information you can for used cars in Montclair.