Food is one of the basic units of life. But food does more than appease our hunger. Food is love, and food is adventure. If you’re wondering how is food love, then I have got a few answers for you. Food is love because you can love food, and you can also take out your girlfriend for a tasty meal as a first date. You might also wonder, “How’ is food adventure?” well, I do have an answer for that as well. You can try out good and bad food to taste if you’re allergic to anything. But there’s a better way of exploring the food-i-licious adventure. You can try out various cuisines from multiple countries to enjoy the taste of the world altogether.

Every country has a different cuisine to offer you. All of these cuisines have evolved over several generations and have become what they are today. Each and every cuisine has a lot of its culture as a main ingredient in the food. The food speaks of the people, their taste and what they like and don’t like. Like, if you try Indian food, you might think of it to be so spicy, but for Indians it reflects the spice of their lives. So, every morsel of food you take, has its own story to tell.

So, if you want to take your girlfriend or anyone else to try out a new cuisine, you could opt for Peruvian cuisine. Peru, a country that you’ve heard of and have always wanted to visit, can visit you through its amazing food. You can ta the mysticism of the amazing Machu Pichu and experience the greatness of the Incan civilization, or maybe take a trip to Lima with the help of a perfect Peruvian lunch served to you.


Maybe if you want to spice up your love life, or your own life itself, you could try a bit of Peruvian spices, here at the Freakin Incan. This is one of the best and authentic Peruvian restaurants here at Atlanta, Georgia. It is run by Michael Arnold, a true Peruvian, by lineage and by heart. He knows the spice combinations that make the Peruvian food simply scrumptious and he also knows the ingredients for them. He can give you a light lunch or maybe a heavy dinner, or if you’re craving just a quick bite, all here at this restaurant.

What makes it special is the interiors. Actually, what doesn’t? The food, the service and the people, everything makes this restaurant one of a kind. You can check out the two outlets, particularly the one at Roswell and the one at Tucker, and see for yourself what the hype is all about. And if you’re curious, you can also check out the several reviews about this restaurant before you try it. So if you’re craving for a little bit of Peruvian spice in your life, this is where you get it.