Thief Simulator: How To Become A Professional Thief?

There are a lot of adventurous games to get involved with. The player-controlled must gather intel, steal the things and sell. The money from the sold items will be used for buying high-tech equipment. The equipment being bought will be used for stealing, to make it an easy and modern way to steal items. The player must do everything in order to be the best and become a professional. This adventurous game makes the player feels the thrill and intense gameplay. The thief simulator free is for Android and PC. In fact, a lot of players have been looking for the application of the game for download. Of course, more players are looking for free to download which is the game offered. The controlled-player of the game is greedy, taking all the items is its expertise.

The Stealth in Thief Simulator

With various games available on the list of Steam. One of the very significant gameplay mechanics in Thief Simulator is Stealth. Sad to say, the Stealth mechanic does not work completely. It must be combined with other ways to rob a house that is not empty. Stealth mechanic can be basic and simple. This must be activated, it can be done by pressing one button. The character crouches, the player can move slower. Additionally, it makes less noise, can rob houses while the residents are inside the house. It makes more exciting, right? This way can be a useful moving when it is needed to walk next to a short fence or right under a window. In fact, an NPC situated on the other side of the obstacles never notices you. Crouching will allow the thief to lean out from covers, look at more info on how to do this. Use this option for the player to see what’s behind a corner without a need of risking to get spotted. It is important to observe the target and collect information to help with the burglary. The player must take the challenges and rob secured houses. The player can surely steal important and valuable things which will cost a big amount of some. In this way, the thief can buy the most high-tech equipment to use for robbing houses the next mission.

Thief Simulator

Level up stealing capabilities

The thief-player is the main character of the game. So, the main purpose of the character to level up will be through stealing. But, how can the player level up its stealing skill? Buy some high-tech equipment to level up stealing and to learn new thief tricks. Selling the stolen goods to the passers is the next step after the stealing mission. In this way, the player is able to get money to use for purchasing. Yes, this is what the game is all about to buy expensive and high-technology equipment. Straight to the point, do whatever or anything that a real thief does. By observing the target, this is what a good thief always does. There are features of the game that the players of the game should make sure to obtain:

  • Flashlight
  • Useful items
  • Prepare loot